Hand made acoustic guitar pickups, for a more natural sound.
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Peter Sesselmann

The Peterman Guitar pickup attaches to the sound board of your guitar or other acoustic instrument, with no modification necessary to your instrument.
They are made from the best raw materials and are assembled and inspected by Peter Sesselmann himself. These pickups are not a mass-produced product but are hand made quality and care. They have a natural and rich sound, perfect for recording and intimate performances.
It is a better alternative to a traditional Microphone that tends to feedback and pickup unwanted sounds from stage or recording room, also superior to saddle pickups as they tend to have a very un-natural sound.
The installation required is extreemely simple as these pickups simply strap onto the endpin, and attach with "no-Marking" reposition-able putty, they can also be installed internally for a more permanent solution and these ship with glue and instructions.
This pickup system is also suitable for: violin, cello, mandolin, lute etc, etc, basically any acoustic instrument that requires a natural tone! Ordering on-line is easy, we ship to: , twice a week and delivery usually takes from 3 to 21 days, depending on how far from Australia you are. There is also an express courier service available for a small extra charge!


Each Peterman guitar pickup has been carefully handcrafted from the finest materials by Peter Sesselmann himself.
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Please play on quality stereo system or use headphones


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The sound you hear from the guitar is purely from the pickup, the Camera microphone and voice microphone have been muted during the actual playing... No EQ was applied to the guitar track.
(however a little multipressor was added to the mastering, for level and Youtube purposes.)

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

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